Business System Route Selection

Business System Route Selection

There are many options available when it comes to IT modernisation and consolidation. How to ensure correct prioritisation, how to best evaluate investment calculations, how to make the right choice? There are many questions. We have the answers.

If current applications are considered outdated, costly or not appropriate for any reason, the Advance Business System Methodology can be a good starting point. We offer a research carried out in three parallel paths:

  • Priority requirements and fulfilment of requirements
  • Investment calculations (ROI)
  • Utility

The most important outcome is the set of requirements for a new business system, as well as the compilation of usually 3-5 final candidates for a new system in terms of Fulfilment of Requirements, Total Cost / ROI and Usability, compared to the current environment. It often happens that the current solution in this situation seems to be an attractive alternative, but most often a new route is chosen here and its financial result can be assessed relatively well.

If an in-depth study of for example two final candidates is required, this usually involves a referral visit, a presentation with the client’s own company data, etc. During the implementation, we can also participate in contract negotiations as well as project management and customer expertise.



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Business System Route Selection

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