Strategic Digital Transformation

Strategic Digital Transformation

Digitisation is something that we have been doing for the last 10-20 years. What does it mean, how to face it, how to act – in a planned digital transformation??

Digitisation is a commonly used term. However, the interpretation of what it actually means differs from person to person. The understanding and the ability to deal with the challenges and opportunities of digitisation in practice is even more diverse. Together with our partners, we have created a comprehensive program, Agile Digitisation, to make concrete and practical, what for many is still abstract and complicated.

Classic digitisation, which is about IT modernisation, process improvement and automation, can be separated from digital transformation, which is more relevant to the company’s business model, offerings and core values. Both concepts are very important for companies that want to secure their position and stay in the lead. Most studies show a clear correlation between high digital maturity and better performance and market value.

Relatively speaking, today’s businesses are better at tackling classic digitisation than digital transformation. Agile Digitisation aims to fill this gap, providing companies with practical, tangible steps and modules to gradually increase the degree of their digital transformation.



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Strategic Digital Transformation

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