Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

What to maintain, what to modernize/ replace, how to optimize? The hope of a merger is often that 1 + 1 is > 2. What is the best way to handle this in terms of IT?

Mergers and acquisitions within and between companies require in-depth analysis. Two management systems may become one. Therefore it is necessary to develop new cross-functional processes (collaboration) and consider best practices internally, externally, before and after.

At Advince we have extensive experience in conducting IT related due diligence, assessing system health and the impact on the organisation from a broad perspective. In general, these activities are done too infrequently and when they are carried out it is usually on a surface level. Advince has helped several companies and their advisors with a business-oriented IT analysis that provides information such as:

  • How well do you map new business and IT processes? Will the new company work thanks to or despite your IT support?
  • To what extent will the IT situation require a large investment and effort during the first 100 days and in the longer term?
  • Scalability – Is the IT platform scalable and can it handle growth and change plans announced by the buyer? 



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Mergers and Acquisitions

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