Leadership and Change

Leadership and Change

The importance of acceptance and understanding should not be underestimated during the change process. This applies to the company’s management as well as the whole staff.

Companies need to demonstrate their willingness and ability to change. Client’s wishes, preferences, behaviours and patience are not what they were yesterday, and tomorrow they will be different again. Technologies that support design, development and production also differ from what they were yesterday.

Keeping your company and its operations up-to-date is much more than processes, IT stacks and support systems. The human aspect requires more and more respect. What’s the point of an extensive IT modernisation if the employees are not on board? How to deal with the challenges of adapting your existing software to the company’s current process – as well as adjusting the process, organisation and working methods to make the best use of the newly available features?

At Advince, we focus on communication and formal interviews to ensure you understand the current situation and challenges as well as the desired outcome. There is often great uncertainty, the company’s strategic alternatives are not always clear, and they also tend to change over time.

We work with personnel in management and operations. The most important thing is understanding and acceptance of individuals. A well-executed change project requires constant compromises throughout its journey, from clarifying the current situation, through defining the solution to its implementation. We provide interpretation, coaching and guidance, we try to ensure that employees not only understand the reasons behind ongoing changes but also thrive and actively contribute to the successful implementation, promising future performance improvements.



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Leadership and Change

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