IT Roadmap

The dilemma – continuing with the existing IT structure, together with a more or less extensive modernisation / transformation, requires analysis and reflection.

In many organisations, business and IT planning have different horizons and agendas. The reality of both is affected by an ever-increasing rate of change and focuses on “time-to-market”, which can lead to competition between development projects and the available resources, and result in sub-optimisation.

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Therefore, it is even more important to have transparency between the company’s vision and goals and a strong link with the company’s development activities. With our IT Roadmap framework, Advince takes its starting point in the company’s vision, strategies and goals and translates them into a business development plan, with the process and IT changes, such as:

  • Supports business processes
  • It is cost-effective
  • Focuses on user’s attention
  • It means low risk

Advance’s IT Roadmap prepares the following decision materials for your board/management:

  • Goals / Vision – Where on the digital map do we want to be in 3 to 5 years?
  • Current status – Where on the map are we today?
  • Bridging the Gap – What is the best way to move towards the desired position?



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IT Roadmap

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IT Roadmap
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