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Ellab A/S

Ellab A/S
BI, Process and Business support system consolidation
Life Science and Pharma
Building a Business Intelligence application reading data from the different operational systems, to calculate and present Ellab uniform KPI:s

Ellab A/S – leading global supplier of solutions for measuring, recording, monitoring and validating critical parameters of thermal processing.

Need for streamlined operational and administrative reporting, plus modernization of tools and procedures


  • The different subsidiaries of Ellab use several different ERP systems, such as Dynamics AX, Sage and Excact OnLine.
  • Obtaining consolidated reporting on sales, contribution, order intake and other important KPI:s was very awkward and time-consuming.
  • As usually is the case under these circumstances, Excel spreadsheets were widely used which means lots of manual work, jeopardized information quality and dependence on individuals.
  • New ownership raised demands for more, and 100 % accurate management reporting.

The Solution

  • Minimizing the cost of change and secure additional benefit from current ERP environment.
  • Build a separate Business Intelligence application reading data from different operational systems.
  • Calculate KPI:s in an “Ellab-wise” consistent way, presenting them in an easy-to-use end-user tool (Microsoft Power BI).
  • First phase spanning 4 months secured the adequate reporting of a critical set of KPIs

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