Who we are

Advince, founded 2005, is a consulting company, active in the Management and IT Strategy including digital transformation field and operating independently, meaning that we are not connected to any kind of vendor or supplier. Instead we act on you, the customer, and what suits you the best.

Our senior consultants each have more than 15 years of experience, and work with change processes in organisations of varying types and sizes. Our clients are large and medium-sized enterprises, often in a state of rapid change.

Major changes are made in the ERP system market right now. For example, usability becomes increasingly important, i.a. according to a survey conducted by Computer Sweden.

Advince helps the customer see new opportunities, to change and develop, while avoiding wasting their own resources. We do this primarily in fields such as ERP, IT Strategies, Digitization, Supply Chain Management, Process Improvements and Return On Investment Assessments.