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PE-Newsletter-LoggaPrivate Equity Newsletter Fall 2013

  • IT Due Diligence – the best way to spend summer vacation
  • Improving the management reporting: It’s more about culture than technology
  • Standing Room Only at Advince seminar on Strategic Sourcing

advince_kronikaJärntrianglar – problem både i Försvarsmakten och IT [in Swedish]

Filip Ekstrand gives his view on how large corporate IT development and IT purchasing is driven by a – from operations point if view – relatively disengaged Iron Triangle.

Verkstadsforum-logo“Programvalet vid ERP är underordnat!” (Article extract) [in Swedish]

“I can visit an arbitrary industrial or commercial firm and pretty quick to make a “short list”of 3–5 ERP system that could fit just as well for this company, says Filip Ekstrand. “ Price and functionality wise, it is not that much difference between them – a difference which continues to shrink.

Verkstadsforum-logo“Dream on and roll over, Hana and SAP”(Article extract) [in Swedish]

In the article “SAP will be the best in BI” in the latest issue of VerkstadsForum it is describes how SAP with its new Hana platform opt to put the BI world at its feet. However, Advince are skeptical.

4057029930Användarverktyg fullt tillräckligt (Article extract) [in Swedish]

Advince givs a very important piece of advice when looking for BI solutions:

“It is more often than not that many suppliers, and advisors affiliated to them, selling BI systems much larger than what the customer need.”

PE-Newsletter-LoggaPrivate Equity Newsletter Spring 2013, Business Intelligence Theme

Advince – Preferred IT & Operations Consultants to the Private Equity Sector.

  • Cloud-based ERP on the move – not only for small firms!
  • IT Due Diligence – an Advince expert area
  • Advince Seminar on BI in Bangkok
  • Interview: On why data quality is a key factor to successful BI
  • Interview: On why many firms wrongly start looking at expensive BI technology

Thai-Swedish_Chamber_of_CommerceAdvince and the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce invites you to a seminar on Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is currently an area where many companies pursue large projects with great expectations on results. And well-designed BI solutions, drawn on a good user requirement analysis, can certainly give tangible business benefits and a competitive edge. However, many BI projects fail to deliver. At this seminar, we will show you how to harness the power of BI, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls.

cs_logoMånga av IT bolagens uppköp misslyckas [in Swedish]

“Many acquisitions are done in vanity  by executives who want to appear in the business press. Or, reflected in their envy of other business leaders who appear more in the press than themselves.”

PE-Newsletter-LoggaPrivate Equity Newsletter Spring 2012

Advince – Preferred IT & Operations Consultants to the Private Equity Sector.

  • Ovako Hires Advince to Track & Eliminate IT Risks and Cut IT Costs
  • Korsnäs Asks Advince to Review IT Governance & Efficiency
  • Advince and Procuritas – A Successful Cooperation Continues
  • Featured Procuritas Case Story: Perimeter Protection Group
  • Advince in Media: Seminar on Outsourcing

Verkstadsforum-logoVilka ERP-system är bäst ur ett användarperspektiv? [in Swedish]

Verkstadsforum reports from an Advince Seminar.

“Broadly speaking, one can say that the results of the IDC/IFS survey reported recently is confirmed by Advince’s survey: User perspective has been poorly reflected in today’s ERP systems.”

PE-Newsletter-LoggaPrivate Equity Newsletter Fall 2011

Advince – Preferred IT & Operations Consultants to the Private Equity Sector.

  • Advince as Advisors in Office Depot Acquisition
  • Advince assists King Oscar in SAP Carve-Out & Outsourcing
  • Advince assists Limestone Company in Reducing IT costs
  • Changes at the Helm of Advince
  • New Advince Staff – Nils Bergel

cs_logoStora affärssystem får underbetyg i test [in Swedish]

“ERP experts at Advince in Stockholm regularly helps companies to determine which business is the best choice. Often in connection with acquisitions.”