What we do

Let us help you increase your profitability

All companies and organizations strive for greater efficiency and profitability. We at Advince has experience from many missions as we like to let your company take advantage of.

  • Help to review internal processes and procedures in relation to IT support: Can your company’s IT support process becoming active, more effective, cost-efficient and more user-friendly?
  • Next step, exploit the vertical flows of information in your environment by expanding the digitalization in terms of suppliers, customers, partners or other contacts.
  • We also have experience from saving projects that have failed – not achieved its objectives, drawn over time and resource plans or failed in other ways.
  • Advinces view on IT is that it should be good enough, fast to implement and cost no more than necessary. We have been particularly well received by people who represent an active ownership.

Advince and business development

When we at Advince evaluate and assess our customers’ choice of support for processes and working methods, we always focus on the following:

  • Applications must effectively support business processes
  • The solutions must be cost effective
  • One should constantly work to minimize the risks – it could for example be outdated software or personal dependencies
  • Ease of use – solutions should be intuitive, you should not have to send staff on long training to understand their new IT system