• Advince is a consulting company, active in the Management and IT Strategy field and operates independently. By that we mean that we are not connected to any kind of vendor or supplier. Instead we act on you, the customer, and what suits you the best in terms of good enough and cost efficiency.
  • Our senior consultants each have more than 15 years of experience and are working with change processes in organizations of varying types and sizes. Our clients are large and medium-sized enterprises, and are often in a state of rapid change.


How can we assist you with your challenges?

"Without Advince as advisors, we would probably have had to pay twice as much for our IT-solutions."

Heidi Bruun Woldsnes, Managing Director, Alma Norway AS

Advince acted as mentors and helped Papyrus establish good project management principles and a valid deployment plan.

Peter Sandberg, CEO, Papyrus
”Advince is our Preferred Partner in IT-related services and has also assisted many of our portfolio companies”

Jan Dahlqvist, partner Polaris Equity
“Until we got our own IT function & vendor management in place, Advince ran the IT part of our business in a very satisfactory way.”

Fredrik Granat, CFO, Perimeter Protection Group (previously a part of Gunnebo)
“When we at Korsnäs felt a need to check that the way we plan and run IT projects is of the highest standard, it was an easy decision whom to call.”

Christer Simrén, COO, Billerud-Korsnäs
“My recommendation is to call that independent Stockholm advisory firm, Advince. They will propose something that is cheaper, but still good enough.”

London-based Private Equity partner in board meeting when IT issues were brought up
“We appreciated their down-to-earth approach on cost-effective IT. They won’t have us buying a Ferrari when a used Skoda works excellently.”

Mikael Ahlström, Founder, Procuritas 
"Advince’s Project Managers master both technology and economy, and could therefore explain the needs of the accounting department."

Carolina Jonsson, Accountant, Veidekke Bostad
"It was good to get a third party view that could see our business from the outside."

Michael Jörgensen, Head of IT, EnergoRetea
"I'm certain we got a better price for the system than if we had handled the procurement and contract writing ourselves."

Per Svensson, Finance and Administration, Veidekke Sweden AB
The Group’s transformation from being a traditional trading company to having an increasing internal own production of products requires change in routines and system solutions. It's been comforting to have Advince as a guide for us in the immense changes we’ve made in the past 18 months.

Dan Paradell, CEO LK Systems
The ERP project has delivered well in level with our expectations. Advince drew our IT Road Map, helped us select system and vendor, contributed to the project planning and was on the Steering Committee of the project.

Jussi Niemelä, CEO Delete
We are pleased with Advince’s professional consultants. Their efforts in introducing a new ERP system on Sida has worked out well.

Sara Haglund, Project Manager, Sida
Advince helped us throughout an RFP process for the selection of our provider for datacenter services, thereby bringing in critical know-how to enable us to make the best choice.

Martin Denduyver, CFO CID Lines
Of course there has been some startup glitches. But small wonder – the IT setup proposed by Advince was totally different from the old-school thinking at the former owners. There is not one single application, nor any servers whatsoever, running in-house. All IT is provided as cloud services, accessible on tablets and smartphones by our staff wherever they are.

Mattias Tegefjord, CEO Mitt Alby
Advince scanned our entire operations and identified some 150 possibilities of improving the way we buy and use IT. The Advince findings were divided into functional areas such as ERP, customer relations, production systems, Business Intelligence and other areas. We are currently planning some 2–3 substantial IT improvement projects, and expect to get a bigger bang for our IT buck in the near future.

Maarit Kaskela, Group CIO Ovako
Advince’s long experience of handling the IT part of a CarveOut was really useful when our group was acquired by Triton from GEA”

Dr. Martin Nusswald, CIO, Kelvion